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Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Movie Choices of The Month..

Check out what two movies I voted for the movies of the week down below .....

Movie I Voted #1 This Week..

The Movie I Voted #2 This Week..

What is your Vote?


  1. Hey thanks for your comment. New blogger?

  2. You are very welcome..Yes I am new at it. Try something new in life, then sit and wait to see what happens. Right..

  3. wise choice :) are u living in florida now?

  4. Yes..I do.. It's lovely here in Florida. So, what school do you attend?

  5. University of Minnesota. I have been to Disney in Orlando. It was awesome!

  6. I'm attending a college as well, I am attend at Valencia Community College in Orlando, working on my AS degree in Cisco Computer Engineering Tech. YES.. You're right Disney is awesome. Love to go there every chance I get.

  7. I have seen The Movie Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. It was "AWESOME".. You have to go see it. My kids love it, so will yours..

  8. Dear Johanna,

    I love to watch this two movies! My three kids also love it!

    by Jenny Malaysia.


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